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Satchel bags for women

Satchel bags for women

In case your satchel is made of 100 percent natural cow leather, it is a qualitative product which will last many years if cared for properly. We recommend that you take into account such guidelines to look after your satchel:

You should not leave your purse in direct sunlight as long as there is a risk that the colors of a satchel will fade.

The hand bag will obviously age over time, even so remain calm because this is normal since it is organic piece. Standard Vaseline functions nicely on minor corrosion to clean your handbag.

A nice decision is to care for the leather bag with an appropriate spray. Don't forget to test any spray on some inconspicuous part of your hand bag in advance.

It is recommended to shut out carrying the satchel in rainstorm. Still, if the leather unluckily gets wet, it would be better for you to blur out any moisture and allow it to dry in a natural way. Next it would be better for you to make use of a leather protection oil to help repel moisture and maintain the material, but don't forget to test any spray on some unnoticeable section of your handbag beforehand.

Notwithstanding leather is very long-lasting, it is not indestructible. Utilizing a hand bag in superfluous heat or cold and improper care or cleaning will likely dry and ruin the leather, liquidate trimmings and colours.

You should realize that vibrant hues in the material will probably transfer across to lighter garment and conversely - so be careful.

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satchel bags for women

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