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Nike satchel

Nike satchel

Provided that your satchel is produced from 100 percent genuine cow leather, it is a good-quality product that will last for a long time if cared for correctly. Experts recommend that you regard the following steps to get the most out of your satchel:

It's a wise idea to care for a leather purse with a right spray. Take into consideration that you should check any oil on some low-key segment of your bag previously.

The hand bag will evidently age over time, however don't panic 'cause this is OK for it is natural piece. Regular Vaseline serves well on minor erosion to polish the handbag.

You should not leave your hand bag in direct sunlight so far as there is a chance that the colours of your satchel can fade.

We recommend you to give up carrying your satchel in cloudburst. Still, in case if the leather by mischance gets wet, our best advice is to wipe off any water and allow it to dry in a natural way. Thereafter you may want to make use of a leather protection spray to help repel water and sustain the leather, but take into consideration that you should inspect any cream on some unnoticeable segment of your bag in advance.

Note that shining hues in the material will have a possibility to transfer across to lighter clothes and contrariwise - so be careful.

Notwithstanding leather is really long-lived, it is not indissoluble. Carrying a handbag in extreme cold or heat and inappropriate care or cleaning is likely to destroy and dry the leather, take away hues and trimmings.

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nike satchel

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