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Five basic rules when choosing a purse.

1. Size.

Remember that only the bride's purse or an elegant evening handbagbag, with which the stars show off at the "Oscar" ceremony may be tiny! Indeed, in these cases, a purse perform only a decorative function, and all the necessary things are carried by assistants. For all other cases you need a purse where you can comfortably place your mobile phone, beautician (or some cosmetics - mascara, lipstick, blush, etc.), wallet, etc. Modern woman carries in a purse all that she may need during the day: wet wipes, manicure set, documents. Even an evening purse should not be tiny. Microscopic purses are designed exclusively for women who wear synthetic wigs and high heels. But do not go to extremes - a huge bag, reminiscent of the thing-bag, hardly fit to your basic wardrobe. Moreover, in such a large purse it is often difficult to find the desired object.

2. Color.

Many women like colored handbags. Some people like purses with metallic or gold glitter. But, nevertheless, most women still choose purses of safe neutral colors. This season red and steel-blue purses are particularly relevant. If you wear bright shoes, you know how to deal with the color. If not, you have to learn this art before wearing a new bright purse. The most popular purses colors are classic and neutral ones such as black, brown, beige and white. These colors never go out of fashion.

3. Convenience.

Have you noticed how heavy and cumbersome some handbags are? There are purses with lots of massive metal clasps and buckles and not every woman can wear such a bag for a long time, even if it is empty! So weigh a purse in your hands before buying it, try to walk throwing it over your shoulder. Regardless of size, a purse should be comfortable, because you'll wear it constantly.

4. Seasonal fashion items.

Velvet, bright motifs, decorative artificial flowers and feathers are seasonal motifs. When buying a purses with decorative elements you should be aware that you'll wear it no longer than four to six months.

5. Classic trends.

Holiday Fashion is ephemeral, but purses can be used for many years. Some trends come back from time to time and from time to time experiencing a new wave of popularity. This is a classic. For example, the classics were patent leather purses and handbags with leopard print. Classic purses usually are of strict shape and do not have many decorative ornaments. Minimalism is also a classic.

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When buying a purse think about what time of year you'll be able to carry it and whether it is suitable for your shoes and clothes. Purse and shoes should be the same color. But this is really a classic and now it is not nesessary to follow this rule. You can still pick up a purse that suits your clothes but not matching the color of the shoes. You can even combine purses which at first glance seem incongruous with the things from your wardrobe. For example, you can combine a smart little purse with everyday wardrobe. In the evening this purse is perfect for a simple short sheath dress. On weekends you can safely wear this purse with your favorite shirt, cardigan, bright shorts and elegant yet simple black flip-flops.

When buying a purse, pay attention not only to its appearance. A purse should be qualitative no matter of its style. Carefully inspect the seams. They must be perfect. Threads must not stick out inside and outside. Pay attention to the manufacturer, serious brands are responsible for the quality of their purses.

If you like leatherette purse, do not rush to reject it. Good imitation leather is very close to natural leather in quality and is slightly cheaper. Now high-quality imitation leather can really replace the natural leather, it is less stretch, less crumpled. The imitation leather looks almost no different from genuine leather. Distinguish the good imitation leather from the natural leather by the smell is also impossible. Poor quality imitation leather has a smell with a specific shade of synthetic material.

Purse is the most important accessory. But it is of no value by itself, it is only an addition to your wardrobe, and emphasizes and complements your style. Remember that the purse is an integral part of the image of a woman.

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